Wednesday, 6 February 2013

iPad Mini 2 News.

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It's midnight at the time of writing and I promised to post at least once a day but I was busy with revision. But even thought yesterday is over, I am still going to post this as if it was yesterday because I am hardcore! So excuse me if this iss a bit shit.

It is believed that the iPad Mini 2, Apple’s sequel to the 7.9inch iPad is to arrive in the coming months. The roumor also stated that it will feature a Retina display (Already gone through the stupid name thing) when it was released but didn’t say what exactly that include. But according to a new report from investment news service BrightWire, alleged sources from within Apple’s foreign supply chain say the iPad Mini 2 will feature a 7.9-inch Retina Display with an identical resolution to the full-size iPad 4 with Retina display.

The resolution on the alleged iPad Mini 2 is said to measure 2048 x 1536 pixels, 324 pixels per inch(Nexus 7 has 216) To compare, the iPad 3 and 4 both have display densities of 264 ppi, while the iPhone 5 has a similar density of 326 ppi.

This rumor sounds like a very realistic piece of news considering how Apple gave the screen resolution of the iPad 2 to the original iPad Mini.

I have a feeling it will be

The iPad Mini 2 isn't really that new or innovative, despite what the future video ad may say. It is literally another iPad Mini but most likely thinner and will a better display. I feel Apple should be changing the product a little more then that.

What are your thoughts on a second iPad Mini? Pleae leave a comment below with your opinion

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